Our services include:

  • Complete ventilation systems for sewage treatment plants
  • Manufacture and distribution of aerators and diaphragms
  • Distribution, maintenance and installation of water and sewage pumps
  • Distribution, maintenance and installation of agitators
  • Installation of aerators and diaphragms)



PTFE and VITON™ Layered EPDMPTFE and Viton™ belong to a category of synthetic elastomers called Fluor-elastomers. They are considered high performance due to their broad spectrum resistance to chemicals, solvents, fats, greases, etc…which can damage conventional elastomers. They are, however, quite expensive. E.M. pioneered and patented the use of thin film surface layers of Fluoroelastomers permanently joined to the surface of an EPDM or other substrate base material through patented and now proven methods. The benefit of E.M. advanced technology is that you can have the affordable cost and proven physical properties of a conventional elastomer with the chemical, solvent and fat resistance of the most advanced elastomers in the world. SSI has proven in plants where, for example, calcium deposits and solvent exposure previously caused other materials to fail rapidly, our fluoroelastomer layered membranes are performing without fouling or changes in material properties.