Membranmaterialien, viele Auswahlmöglichkeiten

TPU- Foils

TPU- foils are successfully used as membranes for plate- diffusers and for the firth time available at our premises a pipe membrane foil. TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) combines all advantages of silicon and un- vulcanized rubber in one membrane. Un- plasticized and with a smooth surface like silicon, high resistance to tearing like EPDM thus being intensive to physical influences. The special advantage consists of the low cut-in pressure of 15 mbar. Due to the decrease of energy costs the investment pays off within a short time.

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Silicon, is plasticizer- free and has a very smooth surface; there are hardly any precipitations. The renunciation of any ventilation system free from bacteria's

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NBR- Membrane

NBR, nitrile- unvulcanized rubber. It has the same resistance to tearing and is as insensitive to physical influences as EPDM. Special about NBR is the resistance to oil and grease. This facts also justifies the higher cutting in pressure


EPDM- membranes are exclusively heated on the Mandrel, they have a continuous shore hardness of 55° and they are hardly plasticized. The plasticizers – manufactured on a petrol chemical base – are resistant to bacteria's. The material thickness with has a standard thickness of 1,8 mm, guarantees a long retention time for domestic sewerage according to DWA-M 115

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