Plate- Diffuser


1. Large working surface can Reduce the whole system’s installation time and cost.

2. The Higherstandard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) is over 40%. SOTE is up to 7% perfoot of submergence.

3. The Reductionof the whole system’s headloss is more than 60%,That can minimize the system’s energy consumption and operating cost.




  • EPDM
  • Silicon
  • TPU

1. The solid diffuser body is made of special treated Aluminium alloy which has outstanding physical property. This special treated material can significantly resist corrosion.

2. As all the other product produced by us, the membrane is fixed to Alu-plate in a very solid way. Our advanced connection method between Alu-plate diffuser and piping system is very Easy to install or remove.

3. Our membrane is very Easy to be changed. You just need to pull it away from Aluminium alloy panel in less than ONE minute which can minimize system down-time and maintenance.




1. High oxygen transfer efficiency (The highest oxygen transfer efficiency of all diffusers)

2. Low pressure loss

3. Wide air flow range

4. EPDM rubber membrane resists corrosion and aging

5. UPVC engineering plastic, PP and glass fiber

6. The most appropriate bubble volume, and even bubble distribution

7. Aeration system with extremely low buoyancy design

8. Flexible point system design

9. Fast and simple installation method saves many parts