Tube- Diffuser

Thanks to their perforated surface, tube diffuser are the perfect solution for all types of chambers. The exhalation of air through the bottom grooves decreases the depositing of activated sludge underneath the ventilation. Tube diffuser with a length of 1000 mm have a big perforated surface. This helps to improve the filling of oxygen and less pipe lines are needed. You advantage: Saving time and money.

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Shore- hardness:  50 ± 5°

Denseness:1,06 g/cm³

Resistance to tearing:> 10 N/mm²

Tearing- stretch:> 600%

Restood of tearing:> 8 N/mm

Permanence of temp.:80° C

Druckverformungsrest:< 25%

(24h, 70° C)

Interrest of plasticizers:>20%




Tube diffuser available in length of 500 / 750 / 1000 mm. Available diameter: 65 and 90 mm with a 45 mm eccentric ring and 1” or ¾” female thread; To fix with quick connector or double fittings



  • EPDM
  • Silicon
  • TPU
  • NBR