The Company



The CNT Abwassertechnik GmbH is a company that uses both direct and indirect distribution channels in Europe and worldwide for perforated membranes and tube ventilators, as well as integrating long-term innovative solutions in the field of wastewater technology.


On the basis of our many years of experience, fundamental knowledge with accordingly relevant individual characteristics, the CNT Abwassertechnik GmbH was established by the company E.M. wastewater technology - a national company in the field of wastewater treatment and water treatment with international customers.)


The CNT Abwassertechnik GmbH  sees its specialization as manufacturer and distributor of membranes and aerators for sewage treatment, will successfully establish them and further develop them with a very versatile, international concept.)


In order to realize and successfully implement our MISSION, we use relevant facts of our direct and indirect partnerships on a worldwide basis very intensively.)