That's what we stand for


We take responsibility.

Sewage treatment is of crucial importance to all parties at both national and international level.

Responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture.

With enthusiasm and great enthusiasm, CNT Abwassertechnik presents itself to the varied and varied professional challenges.

As a medium-sized company, we bear responsibility to our customers, our colleagues, as well as to society as a whole.

Responsible entrepreneurial action has to consider economic, ecological and social-society requirements. Here our actions this we are committed based on values: integrity, mutual respect, willingness to take responsibility and to work together - even across national borders.


Our principles include not only our commitment to the environment and products of the highest quality, but also to provide the best possible customer service.


We are convinced that responsible entrepreneurial action contributes to our business success in the market. Implementing responsible business practices that build an economic sustainable enterprise in such a way that minimizes negative impacts and the positive